Wannabeez –
Late night animated TV

A new animated tv show starring the misfit security guards that have you feeling anything but secure.

The world of hotel security is a bizarre, cringe-inducing affair that could make a grown man run screaming incoherently into the night. Wannabeez is the new cartoon series that dares to go there, because like the staff, it has nowhere else to go.



Created by:
Mazan Hasan

Executive producer:
Alison Lee

Produced by:
Brett D. Thompson

Associate producers:
Noah Turley
Douglas J. Zinger

Animation by:
Kaiya Dait

Sound & music:
Christian Cullen

Editing by:
John Schaller

Scott Fairchild

Brian Beacock

Ramin, Spiner, Dreyfus, Sanchez, Walton:

Jon Bleater, Don Pinto, Frannie, Jess, Monty:
Bill Russell

Patricia True

Mr. Watanabe:
Kirk Nishikawa Dixon

Kevin Howell

Special thanks:
Chris Agos
Kevin M. Brennan
David Bryson
Mike Bussan
Karen Cupp
Kirk Dixon
Jonathan Drexler
Josh Fingerhut
Janna Giacoppo
Emily Granata
Kevin Howell
James Jolly
Jared Kreuzer
Cheryl Laughlin
Guillermo Martinez
Fawzia Mirza
Tara Morales-Johnston
Kimberly North
Dan Nunan
Mandie Prestinario
John Rangel
Wilhelm Russell
Tom Silva
Fred & Barbara Thompson
Bella Ventresca
Dao Vuong-Degnan
April Wright
Heather Zinger
Laura Zinger

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