Silhouettes –
A love story between worlds

Aamod is a retired executive and playboy who lives alone in his sprawling downtown Chicago apartment; Nadia is a whip smart lawyer in transit to see her conservative Muslim parents for the first time in more than a decade. When her train is delayed, a chance encounter brings them together for a magical day in Chicago, wandering its secret corners and its most haunting spaces for a few fleeting hours. What emerges through words is the power of their feelings for each other as Aamod grapples with whether he can let go of a tragic secret and embrace a future with Nadia.

Silhouettes confronts issues of race, identity and culture head on, forming a new chapter in the American love story.


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Story by:
Tom Silva and Gustavo Bernal-Mancheno

Directed by:
Gustavo Bernal-Mancheno

Produced by:
Tom Silva and Brett D. Thompson

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